Hardcore Punk Documentary: “American Hardcore”


BT hooked me up with this dvd yesterday, so I immediately took it home and watched it. I’ve been in this hardcore mode lately, so seeing the old school bands again fueled my fire. I was enthralled while watching the old performances by Black Flag, Bad Brains, Minor Threat, SSD, DRI, etc. Hearing the guys who lived it talk about was great too. 

Favorite segments includes: Rollins fighting with a guy in the audience while on stage, Ian MacKaye talking about the “Straight Edge” movement.

These were hard times. The scene wasn’t nice; in fact, it was the polar opposite of the hippie movement of the 60’s. It was violent, angry, and disenfranchised. Alot of these kids were runaways, homeless, or from broken homes. They fought each other. The individual scenes were likened to today’s street gangs. They fought the police. They fought Ronald Reagan. Something as intense as the american hardcore scene couldn’t last though, so by 1986 it was dead.

It’s a good documentary if you just want a taste of the era. There were too many omissions though. I kept waiting for segments on the Dead Kennedy’s and the Misfits, but they were never even mentioned.

Gimme Gimme Gimme MORE (footage, official site)

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4 responses to “Hardcore Punk Documentary: “American Hardcore”

  1. Put in my order last night.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it…it makes me miss going to my friend Dane’s house to listen to vinyl records of The GERMS, Adolecents, Suicidal Tendencies and The Descendents. It would “stoke our fire” to go out and thrash some local curbs at the Dillon’s supermarket in Olathe, KS. Dane had a buzzed head, except for the long bleach blond hair hanging down over his face. I had the black “jelly” bracelets stacked 10 deep on my wrist and a flat top (when it was cool and different to have one). Both of us had old school high top VANS and ripped up t-shirts with (Tracker Trucks or Dog Town Skates on the front)Miss those days.

  3. I still have every skateboard I ever owned or destroyed. I built custom frames for them and they now hang in the HOOLIGAN workshop next to the framed Powell-Peralta “Ripper” back patch I had sewn on my jacket. I have a Lance Mountain, Mike Mcgill, Hawk, Ripper, and a Natas. Still have some of the Independant trucks somewhere as well. I have looked in vain for years to find some old school “Vision Street Wear” shoes.

  4. Yeah, I think they didn’t have anything about the Dead Kennedys because of the legal troubles between Jello Biafra and the 3 other members of the band. It gets hard to talk about Dead Kennedys, unfortunately, because of the whole mess.

    But yes, it was a pretty damn good documentary. I nearly worship Minor Threat and Black Flag so I got a real kick out of it. I wish it had been longer! More stories!

    Only thing that sucks is I was born the year it died. Ha ha.

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