Today and The Formative Years

Something’s been eating away at me for a few weeks. There has been an angst stirring within me that I haven’t felt in long time. Every woman driving an SUV yakking on a cell phone, every slob stuffing a Big Mac in his face while sneering at me while I’m on my bike/running, every 30 something yuppie faking it…it’s made me angry. I feel myself becoming like them – well, I’m not becoming a woman in an suv, but you get the point. I swore as a kid I’d never be what I hated. I didn’t know what that meant. I suppose I don’t know now either.

I’m not the sort of soft English/Art/Philosophy degree holder (although I do hold the English degree and for a single semester I was an Art major) that believes that anger is evil and best suppressed. How we act upon that anger is what defines us, because ultimately we can’t avoid it altogether. In my life I’ve found two refuges: writing and physically draining sports (wrestling/hockey/triathlon). I’ve been coping with my angst lately by writing again. I’m always running or hitting a heavy bag.

I haven’t posted in a few days, because I knew this post was coming. Over the weekend I bought new tires for Mrs. Figurehead’s car and today I found out that I’ll be buying a new central air unit. I wanted to smash something. Instead, I took a dose of reality; I went home a little early, skipped my workout, and hugged my wife and daughter. Two sides to being an adult – the harsh realities of struggling to get ahead while life constantly tugs you towards the bottom of the lake and the beauty of having a family who loves you even on your bad days.

So Henry, I’m with ya buddy. But Figurehead, we dont’ know what you’re talking about man. Some days are meant for understanding where you came from, the proverbial “formative years”. Some days I still wanna be Henry in this Black Flag vid:



10 responses to “Today and The Formative Years

  1. WHOOOOOOOOO Hank!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Rollins!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So what is it that you hate?

  3. That’s the problem, I think. I don’t know what I hate anymore. I don’t think I hate anything anymore at all. When I was a kid I hated the idea that I would grow up one day and have to worry about things like buying a new AC for my house in the suburbs. But that’s life. We do grow up. Life is good, don’t get me wrong – but for an old punk there are days when you question your old way of thinking vs. your current reality.

  4. Figurehead,
    I think what you need is a nice relaxing night in a mosh pit. I’ll watch the tour schedules, and when a worthy band is close, the Hooligan and I will invade Nashville. Believe me, when you’ve been away for awhile, throwing a few elbows helps clear your mind.


  5. SCREAM IT HENRY!!! IIII forever! (That’s the as close as I can get to the 4 Black Flag bars on my 30 something keyboard)

  6. SCREAM IT HENRY!!! IIII forever! (That’s as close as I can get to the 4 Black Flag bars on my 30 something keyboard)

  7. Not to worry BT. You’re not faking anything man. You’re one of the only old skate punks I know who is actually doing something today with a social conscience.

    Perhaps I should clarify; By “faking it” I was implicating those 30’s who can’t afford the yuppie lifestyle, but are trying to fake it until they make it.

  8. I’m with ya man!

  9. I’m 16, I love black flag, I love the 80’s hardcore punk scene…and I wish I was one generation older so I could’ve been right in the thick of it

  10. Porra cara, Black Flag , na minha opinião foi uma das mais putas bandas que ja vi, fazia um punk do caralho. Com certeza, se não criou pelo menos contribuiu para o surgimento do hardcore
    Os caras eram de mais, sem comparação

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