100th post: Have I found a cause to care about?


I’m not the sort of person driven by or motivated by politics in any way. For the most part I avoid socially relevant discussions and choose to internalize my opinions. I’ve never seen a point in arguing with a friend or acquantance about things that niether of us will affect any change over by having a personal discussion. I’ve always seen that as akin to having a contest to see who can beat their head against a wall just to prove who is tougher.

There are a few soft spots in my heart though.

1. Children affected by poverty

2. Young men whose feelings of adequacy and self worth are overlooked in favor of focusing on this aspect of the young woman’s coming of age struggles.

Today, while with a friend at Starbucks (how lame does that sound?), I saw A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier. I looked over the book and was instantly gripped by the horrible thought of children being forced to become adults in the worst circumstances possible. War is ugly. It’s a reality a child should never experience, much less be forced to take active part in.

I haven’t read the book. I haven’t researched the subject. I’m just giving you a gut reaction. I’ll be reading the book. I’ll be researching the subject.

World Vision

Amnesty International – Child Soldiers


3 responses to “100th post: Have I found a cause to care about?

  1. peachyperspective

    great blog…. and what’s so lame about hanging out at starbucks?

  2. Cool! kabababrubarta

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