TnT: Tom and Terry Brands

When I was a kid my life revolved around wrestling. Next to the obvious heroes like Dan Gable and John Smith, Tom and Terry Brands epitomized in my mind what “wrestlers” should be. They attacked with relentless intensity and were willing to brutally humiliate weaker opponents. Hey, it’s a tough sport.

I came into personal contact with them at the Iowa Wrestling Camp in the summer of 1992. I had just finished my junior year of high school as the TN State Runner-Up in my weight class, so I was flying high. I knew that to get better you had to wrestle with the best, so I would approach all of the current Iowa wrestlers between sessions. I wrestled with Chad Zaputil, the Steiner brothers, and Tom and Terry Brands. I remember Tom (or Terry) holding me off with one hand while I tried to take him down. “You need to work on your stance,” was his advice. Reality check? Oh yeah. The Hawkeye Camp and those between sessions beatings I took propelled me into my senior year and taught me that you shouldn’t apologize for dominating.

Here’s a cool highlight vid I found:

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