Technology vs. The Figurehead

Rumor of my death have been “slightly” exagerated. It’s true that the ol’ Figurehead hasn’t budged from his bed until this very moment in the last two days. There were moments while groaning with stomach pain accompanied by back and leg pain that I did mutter “uuughhh…I just wanna die.” I made it though; and now I even have the strength to live this “half-life” we call blogging.

That leads me to think about technology in general. Why, while lying in bed wanting to die, did I think about the fact that my blog wouldn’t be updated for a couple of days. I think that’s a pathetic worry. In the scheme of things, does in really matter? Were you guys really ok with no new Figurehead posts to read? Of course you were; I hope.

Last week while in L.A. I heard Nancy Miller of Wired Magazine interviewed by Lisa Birnbaum of Greenstone Media. Nancy seemed like a technology realist. She commented that we don’t have to like technology, but we have to accept its here and it will continue to elvolve. Ultimately we’ll choose to go along with it or be left behind.

The Figurehead isn’t a tech guy. I don’t like it. I see it as a distraction from my interpersonal relationships. You might say, “but my blackberry/trio/whatever helps me stay in touch with people. It helps me be everywhere at once.” Not true, in my opinion people’s addictions to those demonic devices help them be no where at once. There is nothing worse than having an actual real life conversation with someone while at the same time they are glued to their device texting or IMing. It’s rude and shows a lack of respect for personal relationships. I get that these devices are “used for business”. Really though? While I was in LA at conference, at any moment you could look around the room while a speaker was giving a presentation, and 3/4’s of the place were hacking away at their devices. Taking notes? I doubt it.

Tivo and the like: I don’t get this device either. When did television shows become so important that we just can’t afford to miss them? Understand this is coming from a guy who watches very little television. When I do watch tv it’s usually a few minutes of a ball game before I fall asleep at night.

Social Networking sites: Ok, I’ll admit it; the Figurehead has a Myspace site. Honestly though, I’ve been thinking lately about pulling it down. Why do I have it? It’s self edification. I put my favorite bands and various other goodies up on it along with my favorite pictures of myself and my family. What purpose is it serving? Am I just tryng to show the world how cool I am? Do I want to continue to be a part of something with such a slimey underbelly? There are lots of lurking social deviants on social networking sites. That’s a bad thing.

Ipods: Ah, what the heck….I have one and love it.

Enough for now. I realize I’m coming off as a curmudgeon today. I’m sick and can’t help it. I’m also still upset about missing The Silversun Pickups last night at Exit/In. I hope PourOut, BT, and B-Dubs had a great time.


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