Mrs. Figurehead on being 30


I stole this from Mrs. Figureheads blog…hope she doesn’t get mad.

In less than 48 hours I will be 30 (its actually today). THIRTY! Where did all the years go? Looking back, I could easily say that I would erase or redo alot of it, but with more careful thought I realize I wouldn’t change a darn thing. I may not have turned out to be who I am today, and I love today. There is so much more I want out of this life – and I am slowly but surely working on it. I want to be back on Seabrook – even if it is just in our little 700 square foot villa (interestingly enough, this link takes you to the actual villa that we lived in – 601 Shadowood – our first address as a married couple). Crazy – I see everyone else around me trying to “keep up with the Jones'” but I would trade everything for a 700 sq. foot villa, just so I could watch the dolphins again everyday.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have the big brick house and fancy cars, landscaped yards, etc. but I am thrilled to be debt free and living a simple life. Because I know if I can keep it up – that little villa in Seabrook will be mine at 40, not 60. Sometimes you have to put the big things on hold so that you can appreciate them more. If I had never moved back, would I appreciate the life I had then, or would it be habit just like the days are for me now? Either way, here is where I am and here is good. And working my tail off to buy that little villa and the dream behind it all sure keeps me going.

Ten years from now, where will I be? Sitting on the back porch of my 700sq. foot villa, watching the alligators cross the 18th hole, sipping on a blue moon, smelling the warm salt water of the atlantic, and not giving a damn about what car so and so drives or how big so and so’s house is. Size is nothing, unless we’re talking about dreams.


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