The Figurehead vs. Los Angeles

I’ve been to L.A. once on business. I love business trips, because my company takes great care of us. I’ve been lots of places on business including NYC, DC, Philly, Dallas, San Diego, etc. Of all the places I’ve visited though, LA seemed the dirtiest and the least friendly. In fact, my impression was that people even avoid eye contact with each other. Thats just sad.

I’ll be there again soon; actually in Marina del Rey this time. The weather sounds great and I’m hoping to come home this time with a different impression of “The City of Angels”. All I know is Ben Gibbard isn’t a fan of the place and neither is Colin Meloy.

Be on guard Los Angeles! The Figurehead is coming! THE FIGUREHEAD IS COMING! And I’m bringing Tuesday, Senor Borquez, and Hampton with me!


4 responses to “The Figurehead vs. Los Angeles

  1. Ignore all that and get wet. Rent a surf board and hit some of the best waves in the nation. Surf a longboard on the “right” at Malibu and then score a beer and fish tacos at Gladstones. Borquez can show the way.

  2. Gotcha. We went to Gladstones last time for lunch and watched the guys surfing. Maybe we’ll hop in this time.

  3. Love the Tombstone reference! I agree with BT though. Think of “School Boy Heart” and go with it.”I came with nomad feet, and some wandering toes, that glide up my longboard and hang off the nose”
    Have a great trip,


  4. Speaking of Gladstones….. The Figurehead got worked by a $100 bet and the largest freaking piece of chocolate cake EVER!!!

    But you’re right, the people there need to spend some time in the south to remember what it’s like to be firendly again…. I love the south!

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