Adam Arcuragi: Yes, The Figurehead always needs more music to relax to.


I’m checking out this guys latest eponymous release these days. Thanks to the always wise and knowledgeable Senor Borquez for the recommendation. He’s reminding me alot of The Great Lakes Swimmers (a Figurehead favorite!).

“As many of this era’s best singer/songwriters to take cover behind band name aliases (i.e. Palace, Songs: Ohia, Iron & Wine, Bright Eyes), it’s become more of statement when a songwriter sets out with his real name. For Adam Arcuragi, hiding behind an alias would contradict the nature of his songs – distinct epics that are simultaneously personal, sensitive, intense, and subtle. Arcuragi’s debut full-lengthis an introduction to a bright new lyricist who combines the icy-melancholy of Red House Painters or Mark Lanegan, with the classic Americanism of Tom Petty or Bob Dylan, the sincerity of Elliott Smith or Damien Jurado, and the sophisticated use of words typical of the Mountain Goats or Neutral Milk Hotel. His unique form of free-flowing, introspective lyrics and compelling harmonies are certain to win fans from appreciators of bands like My Morning Jacket and the Shins.”

Sample the Goods


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