Radio SASS (Short Attention Span System)

Started by a 30 year industry vet with “new wave” and “punk” radio cred, George Gimarc, Radio SASS seeks to deliver more music that standard terrestrial radio. The Radio SASS system strips songs down to their essense, creating 2 minute songs from songs that were originally 4 minutes or more in length. So what you’ll get with Radio SASS is about 30 songs per hour rather than the typical 12. Artists complain that this destroys the integrity of their music. Radio SASS insists this creates increased exposure.

For more on Radio SASS and to sample a couple of hours click HERE

2 responses to “Radio SASS (Short Attention Span System)

  1. George Gimarc is a brilliant man!

    He helped my Dallas-based band, The Plutonians, in the early 80’s to gain some exposure, and encouraged us to make records!

    Way to go George!
    You are keeping it REAL!
    Real SASSy!

  2. hay george it’s keith the drummer from sawyer davis band,something has come up and kenny is gone home on a family emergency back to vermont,i would still like to call in tonight and talk about the band and whats what,ok thanks keith

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