One Man’s Ipod

Have you ever wondered what the person next to you is listening to on their Ipod at the gym? Now you’ll have insight into at least one person’s personal playlist – mine. That’s right, The Figurehead will reveal what’s playing on his Ipod during his workouts. I’ll try to do this on Tuesdays.

I generally set my Ipod that holds about 450 songs on Shuffle while I run, unless I have something brand spanking new that I really want to listen to. I love setting that shuffle and pretending I’m listening to my own personal radio station. That’s one RAD radio station! I won’t cheat and lie to you about what played in order to maintain my “rep”. I’m gonna give it to you just as it happened – for better or worse.

Here’s what played today during my run (finally outside again as the weather has started to warm up):

Long Into the Evening by Great Lake Swimmers

Do It Again by Nada Surf

I Feel By The Sundays

Same Old Drag by Apples in Stereo

Ghosts of Jackson Square by Edwin McCain

Off The Record by My Morning Jacket

Wet Sand by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Heaven by Live

Angel, Won’t You Call Me? by The Decemberists

Told ya, I wasn’t going to lie.


3 responses to “One Man’s Ipod

  1. Wet Sand is my favorite off that double disc

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