2007 Daytona 500: all that’s great about competition (and bonding)


I love sports – pretty much all of them. There are so many parallels at play in athletics and the art of living. Both can be beautiful, ugly, joyous, and agonizing. I don’t want to go much farther with this, but I mention it only to illuminate lesson’s learned through something like the 2007 Daytona 500.  Put some thought into the day that Mark Martin, Kevin Harvick, Tony Stewart, Kurt Busch, Dale Jr., and Jeff Gordon had. Each of them learned important life lessons that go beyond sports, whether they realize it or not.

My dad is a Nascar fan; not the sort that wears the tshirts and goes to races, but the sort who casually watches the races on tv on Sundays. I love sitting and quietly watching these races with him when I’m visiting my parents house on weekends. My little girl and wife were napping in the back bedroom, my mom was asleep in a chair in the living room and my dad, now 70, and I, at 32, watched a Southern tradition (a masterpiece at that) unfold before our eyes. It was a good day. I’m committing to being a full fledged Nascar fan this season.

Is it ok to love indie rock, poetry, UFC and Nascar??? If you’re THE FIGUREHEAD everything is ok.


One response to “2007 Daytona 500: all that’s great about competition (and bonding)

  1. Once you understand the intricacies of racing, the sport will grow on you. Dont think that you have to smoke Marlboros and have a GED to be a Nascar fan. The sport is expanding beyond the stereotype, just ask Juan Paublo Montoya.

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