Founding Fathers Friday: Violent Femmes

This band provided one of my first true music experiences. They also introduced me to the term “alternative”. One evening during a conversation lull while on the phone with a cheerleader I was dating at the time, she happened to hear the Femmes playing in the background. She said with horror, “What is that? Are you alternative?!” I could only respond, “I don’t know…what’s that mean?” 17 years later….I guess I am, in fact, alternative.

Gone Daddy Gone

This album made me want to run through the streets wild and free!

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2 responses to “Founding Fathers Friday: Violent Femmes

  1. Great pick! I will never forget my buddy, Jon Anch, had a sister that was in college (we were in the 9th grade) and she played this for us…I fell instantly in love with “college music”.

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