Coachella 2007: Let’s play a game, shall we?


Take a look at this lineup! Wow! Let’s say you can only go one day to the festival. Based on the bands that are playing – which day are you going?


3 responses to “Coachella 2007: Let’s play a game, shall we?

  1. I would definitely go on Saturday. The Chili Peppers have gotten very good reviews on their tour. Plus you get The Decemberists, and The Arcade Fire who I have been sampling as of late. I would be irritated about missing Silversun on Friday, and to a lesser extent, Interpol.

    So, Figurehead, why aren’t we planning on going? I know peeps in LA and the surrounding area for free housing.

  2. Do you really have connections? Perhaps we should check into tickets and make the trip.

    I would probably be most excited about the Saturday show as well even though I just saw the Chili Peppers. Arcade Fire and Decemberists would be great. Blonde Redhead would be worth seeing as well.

    I’d be bummed to miss Sonic Youth, Jesus and Mary Chain, Peeping Tom, and Silversun Pickups on Friday.

  3. This is too hard. Interpol, Jesus and Mary Chain and Silversun Pickups one night. RHCP, Arcade Fire, and Travis the next. Then RAGE reunion plus who cares who else plays that day. Dang you Chad…I guess I have to go with, crap I can’t pick. It’s like having to give up a child. I have to go with Friday night.

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