At Last…The Truth is Out: SEC is the best


I was literally laughing last night while watching the Florida Gators destroy Ohio State 41-14 in the BCS National Championship. I’m not a huge Gator fan (my wife is), but I’m a Southerner. That means I’ve known the truth all along, despite what the media hype machine would have had you believe all season long. They actually wanted us to believe that the Big 10 could hang with the SEC; no, it was more than that – they wanted us to believe that the Big 10 was better than the SEC. That hurt my pride as a Southerner and a fan of all things good (ie Southern).

Let’s look at the facts:

In this college bowl season SEC teams went 6-3 with victories by Florida, LSU, Auburn, Georgia, South Carolina, and Kentucky.

Southerners hold doors open for women and children, let each other over in traffic jams, and say please, thank you, and you’re welcome.

What about the mighty Big 10? They went 2-5 with losses by Ohio State, Michigan, Iowa, Purdue, and Minnesota. Ohio State is 0-8 all time vs. SEC teams in bowl games.

Big 10 fans flip each other off in traffic, curse too much, and their women grow mustaches (it gets cold up there). – just messin with ya’ll.

Where are the people who were crying for that Ohio State vs. Michigan rematch now? We might as well make the SEC championship game the National title game from now on.


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