The Best Christmas gifts of all time

Clay Travis writes articles of CBS Sportsline that always make me laugh. It doesn’t hurt that he consistantly throws in Nashville references (the home base of the Figurehead). This particular article made me think fo my own childhood. Clay and I must be about the same age.

I decided to create my own list just for nostalgia:

1. Voltron figures – are kidding me? Voltron would come together, whip out that giant sword and kick butt on Prince Lotor’s monsters in every episode. I had the black lion along with numerous other figures and the die cast Voltron figure from the later episodes where cars formed the robot instead of lions.

2. Optimus Prime – Yeah, this 18-wheeler turns into an Autobot leading gun blasting Robot. Respect!

3. Vibrating football game – I loved this thing! I had almost every NFL team (including the Tampa Bay Bucs in their sherbet orange unis).

4. Tecmo Bowl – This is still the best football video game of all time. Super Tecmo Bowl rocked too. Showing some love to these classics as well: Contra (who remembers the code?), CastleVania, Double Dribble, and the entire Super Mario Brothers line.

5. G.I. Joe Hovercraft – – I remember going nuts over this! I’d load my Joes up in the Hovercraft and they’d go on a mission to find Cobra in the jungles of plants that ringed our swimming pool when we lived in FLA.

6. The WWF wrestling Ring – I had most of the figures (Hulk, King Kong Bundy, Jesse The Body, The British Bulldogs, Brutus the Barber Beefcake, Rowdy Roddy Piper, etc). When I got the actual ring there was even more top turnbuckle leaping action.

¬†7. A powder blue Predator bicycle – Clay Travis is absolutely right that Huffy’s ruled the elementary school yard, but once 6th and 7th grade hit it was time for an upgrade. This powder blue baby had a rotor on the handle bars (that was my one trick – spinning those bars every time I came to a stop).

8. Castle Grey Skull – I HAVE THE POWER! nuff said.

So what were your favorite gifts from childhood?


One response to “The Best Christmas gifts of all time

  1. I remember getting GraySkull… and Super i love the old 80’s toys

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