The Figurehead’s College Football playoffs round one results


Ohio State d. Rutgers 42-20 (Common opponents were Illinois and Cincinnati. Believe it or not Rutgers smoked Illinois 33-0 while the Buckeyes squeek by 17-10. Ohio State did crush Cincy 37-7 though while Rutgers got it beaten 30-11)

Florida d. Va Tech 21-20 (no common opponents here – just pure speculation. The Gators pulled out close games all year long. Ga Tech handed the Hokies a loss – Georgia beat Ga Tech – the Gators beat Georgia. Good nuf for me).

Michigan d. Wake Forest 38-14 (Kudos to Wake for a dream season, but this is a mismatch. )

LSU d. West Virginia 31-27 (The Mountaineers score some points but there is no way their defense can stop LSU if you give up 39 points to Rutgers)

Southern Cal d. Arkansas 28-24 (USC beat the Razorbacks 50-14 in week one. Arkansas has gotten much better with their stars back in the lineup, but consecutive losses to LSU and Florida means that the Razorbacks dont’ play big when it counts.)

Louisville d. Notre Dame 35-27 (The Irish didn’t beat anyone worth a darn this year. They had two chances to prove their strength; vs. Michigan (lost by 26) and vs. USC (lost by 20). Louisville scores in bunches, so do the Irish, but they can’t keep up.)

Oklahoma d. Wisconsin 17-14 (Wisconsin played a very soft schedule with only one decent opponent – that being Michigan (a 14 point loss). Oklahoma’s losses were to arch rival Texas and to Oregon. This game is a toss up really.)

Auburn d. Boise State 24-20 (The Broncos give Auburn a scare, but c’mon…even an undefeated Boise State stands no chance against a two loss SEC school. I see the Broncos leading 20-17 mid way through the 4th quarter when the Tigers pull ahead.)

 Round Two matchups:

Ohio State vs. Auburn

Florida vs. Oklahoma

Michigan vs. Louisville



One response to “The Figurehead’s College Football playoffs round one results

  1. OSU in a trouncing, Oklahoma, Michigan and LSU.

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