Vince Young is the man!

After starting 0-5 I remember commenting to a friend that this year’s Titans might go winless on the year (of course, Kerry Collins was still our QB when I said that). I was wrong and now I’m dreaming of SuperBowls in our future. 

 This run in overtime gave the Titans a 26-20 win over the Houston Texans; the Titans 4th consecutive victory and their 6th in their last 8 games.

What a sweet homecoming for Young who grew up just 6 miles from the Texans stadium.

2 responses to “Vince Young is the man!

  1. Next year will be exciting. . . here’s the best part — 10 draft picks and 40 million in cap room!

  2. I remember telling my next door neighbor that the titans might win maybe one game and that was against the Texans but when Vince stepped out on the field he was instopable. then when they played indy i though heres where their season goes down the drain but to my surprise they won and also beating the eagles my neighbors fav team i jus loved rubbing it all in his face thanks VINCE YOU are the next HALL OF FAMER

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